We’re starting recruitment for a new project!

We’re starting recruitment for a new project!

Who can apply? People in age between 18 and 30 years old from Spain, France, Romania, Portugal and Italy.

When? Project will start in May and it will last for 12 months.

Where? Poland, Wroclaw – city of 100 bridges.

How to apply? Send your CV and motivation letter to: [email protected]

We are looking for 12 volunteers from Spain, France, Romania, Portugal and Italy to join our team in Tratwa association based in Wrocław, Poland.

Volunteering will take place as part of the European Solidarity Corps. This means that we provide our volunteers with accommodation, pocket money, food allowance and we cover travel costs.

What is the project about?

Volunteers will operate in four main areas.

  1. Workshops – During 12 months of volunteering, participants will learn how to work with non-formal education methods for the benefit of the local and international community in our city. Supported by the Project Coordinator and the team of our association, they will conduct workshops on various topics (intercultural education, human rights, language classes, culinary classes, sports activities etc.).
  2. Organization of events – Volunteers will have the opportunity to co-create cultural events in our Center for Academic Culture “Czasoprzestrzeń”. They will learn how to organize events (concerts, exhibitions), how to write and implement a project and how to manage budget and marketing. They will also have the opportunity to implement their own ideas as part of individual projects.
  3. Animations – From time to time, volunteers, together with the project coordinator and youth workers from our association, will go on a trip by our amazing animation bus – Volkswagen T3. We will visit smaller towns and villages to spread the idea of equality, diversity and European values in schools and educational and cultural facilities.
  4. Physical work – In our center of local initiatives (located in a historic tram depot) volunteers will look after our social garden and help us with small physical work (painting, cleaning, building) aimed to renovate and developed our center.

We are waiting for your CV and motivation letter until 14/04/2019! Please send your applications to [email protected]